Beauty coaching: how do I know if I’m allergic to my sunscreen?

Summer is officially here, along with its warm temperatures and sparkling blue skies. What make us want to let the sun’s rays run through our skin. But who says sun, says protection and as we have always been told: we pay attention to our skin and we do not skimp on the Solar cream. Despite everything, the latter may not correspond to us and cause us allergic reactions.
As dermatologist Nadine Pomarède explains, “one can be allergic to a sunscreen product like any other cosmetic product”, although this remains “rare in relation to their wide use”, reassures the expert.

What are the symptoms of an allergy to our sunscreen?

The dermatologist first wishes to shed light on the difference between an allergy to a sunscreen product and a summer lucite benign “which is an infection that appears during the first sunbathing in the form of granite under the skin, which itches a lot”. Allergy to our sunscreen results in the appearance of irritation,eczema or photosensitization. The more the product is applied, the more these symptoms will be felt.

What can you be allergic to in sunscreen?

Most often, “it is the chemical filters that are involved and which can create a bad reaction on our skin” explains Nadine Pomarède.
The expert recommends consulting an allergist in case of doubt in order to carry out test patches.
If this is not possible, it is also recommended – as with every new product – to test it first on a small area of ​​our skin before applying it completely.

How to treat our allergy to sunscreen?

Initially, it is obviously necessary to stop the application of the product. We then apply a soothing and restorative cream if we are in the presence of a simple irritation. Products based on aloe vera are more than recommended since this plant deeply repairs the cells of our skin.
In the event of a proven and severe allergy, the expert recommends consulting a doctor “who will be able to prescribe a more suitable product (such as a corticosteroid cream) to stop the itching”.

The advice of the expert for a suitable sunscreen

Nadine Pomarède recommends choosing the SPF of your sunscreen product according to several criteria:
· His phototype: in other words, according to his sensitivity to the sun. The more sensitive and fearful we are, the stronger the SPF will have to be to best protect our skin.
· His vacation spot: at the sea or in the mountains, the SPF must be as high as possible.
· Its age: children, for example, must be protected with higher SPFs.

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