Beach hairstyle: the prettiest beach hairstyles

The practical beach hairstyle: the messy bun

Who is it for ? This hairstyle is suitable for girls with medium to long hair.
How to do ? To make it, all you need is a rubber band. If you want to fix it, you can add some pins.
-Start by making a ponytail with an elastic by bringing all the hair on the top of the skull.
-Backcomb the lengths to give them a little thickness then twist the hair on itself.
-Optional step: secure the bun with a few bobby pins.
-Pull a few strands on the edges of the face and loosen the tie a little.

The easy beach hairstyle: wavy hair

Who is it for ? This hairstyle is suitable for all lengths.
How to do ? Seawater helps to accentuate movement throughout the day.
-We do it after swimming or, at home, with a saline spray that we pschitt on wet hair.
Suggested Usage: -Scrunch hair with fingers or create “swirls” along the lengths and air dry.

The stylish beach hairstyle: the scarf in the hair

To create a more sophisticated look, the hairstyle should be accompanied by a scarf.
Who is it for ? Everyone but especially long bob lengths.
How to do ? Integrate it into a hair bunto one braided or simply on loose hair. For the braid, it is incorporated so that the scarf becomes one of the strands. We tie everything with an elastic band.

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