Azucena Pagny: she proudly displays her white hair on Instagram

Published on September 20, 2022 at 5:59 p.m.

Azucena Pagny: she proudly displays her white hair on Instagram

Azucena Pagny: she proudly displays her white hair on Instagram – © instagram @rosazucena.skincare

For years, the former model has moved away from coloring to reveal her graying hair. And it feels good !

Passionate about cosmetics and plants, Azucena Pagny launched her beauty brand called “Rosazucena” about ten years ago. His credo? Natural treatments with nourishing and regenerating properties based on Patagonian musk rose. On the program: serums, a day cream, micellar water, body milk and herbal teas. In parallel with her activity, the former model regularly publishes beauty videos on her Instagram account. Followed by more than 20,000 followers, Azucena proudly displays her white hair on the social network. A harmless gesture which nevertheless fits into this new era. In recent years, many celebrities have assumed their graying hair. Recently, Katie Holmes unveiled her first white hair leaving the Ulla Johnson fashion show in New York. Before her, Sarah Jessica Parker, Letizia from Spain, Kate Middleton or even Jane Fonda have chosen to move away from coloring and reveal their true hair color. It feels good !

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Advice from Azucena Pagny

In her latest Instagram video, the pretty brunette decided to provide valuable advice, especially on the skin. “Back to school can cause an imbalance for your skin for many reasons, the change of environment, the change of weather, the stress that resumes,” she explains. To combat this phenomenon, the beautista advises drinking one herbal tea a day. “The herbal tea will be your daily partner for at least a month: drink 1 liter of herbal tea a day (put this liter in a gourd to keep with you all day). Then use the day cream every morning. It is moisturizing and also treats wrinkles, it has a small SPF which will protect your skin from light,” she concludes. Last little tip? Azucena offers her followers to massage their face, neck and décolleté.

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