At 53, Helena Christensen adopts the most fashionable square of the moment

Published on December 19, 2022 at 12:11

Helena Christensen

Helena Christensen – ©instagram @helenachristensen

On her Instagram account, the sublime brunette appeared with a new haircut that suits her perfectly: a wavy square

Helena Christensen is a true beauty icon. Since her debut, the star model of the 90s has caused a sensation with each of her appearances. Recently, the sublime 53-year-old brunette appeared on Instagram with a new haircut that everyone agreed on: a wavy square. “Once a model, always a model”, wrote Harry Josh, the famous hair stylist behind this magnificent hair makeover. Accustomed to changing looks, Helena Christensen regularly alternates between short cuts and mermaid lengths. “I’m lucky because my hair grows very quickly,” she told Vogue magazine a few months ago.

A cut that seduces many celebrities

If Helena Christensen wears the square wonderfully, she is far from the only one to have fallen for this haircut in the wind. Indeed many celebrities and fashionable girls have also traded their lengths in favor of a wavy square. This is particularly the case of Zendaya, Nicolas Scherzinger or even Monica Bellucci. The advantage of this ultra-trendy cut? It allows to bring volume and lightness to our hairstyles while breaking the too wise side that the square cut can have. Ideal on the hair naturally wavy, the wavy bob is still suitable for (almost) all hair types. The only watchword? Leave the flat iron aside.

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