Armpit hair removal: which technique to choose?

How to prepare your skin for armpit hair removal?

It is important to properly prepare your armpits for waxing, regardless of the technique chosen. The day before hair removal, a scrub to remove the small layer of dead cells that covers the epidermis. This will allow the hairs to cross the skin more easily during regrowth and to avoid the formation of ingrown hairs, redness and small post-depilation pimples. During the session, we avoid depilating in the opposite direction of growth. This method, certainly effective, causes the appearance of small points of blood and pimples. After application, moisturize your armpits by applying a refreshing gel or a soothing cream, with chamomile or aloe vera.

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Underarm hair removal with a razor: ultra-fast

71% of women favor using a razor to depilate their armpits*. Practice and fast, it cuts the hairs at the root, painless. Only drawback: the gesture must be performed regularly (every 3-4 days) to keep skin smooth. “It is important to choose a good quality razor, warns Adam Boulding, Director of Scientific Communication for the Venus brand. A five-blade razor will spread the force of the hand over a larger area and cut the same hairs multiple times for a close shave. The latest generations of razors also incorporate lubricating strips to moisten the skin during the shave and provide greater epilation comfort”. Another tip from the pro: “In general, it’s best to shave in the shower to soften the hair as much as possible. It is also advisable to moisten the skin and hair upstream with a specific product such as a shaving cream. It is better to avoid soap or shower gel which tend to dry out the skin”.

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Armpit waxing: for soft skin

15% of women prefer underarm waxing*. And for good reason, this technique makes it possible to remove the hair up to the tip of the bulb and to keep softer skin for longer (between 3 and 5 weeks). On the other hand, it can be slightly painful and you have to wait for the hair to grow back (at least 5 mm) before waxing again. In salons, beauticians use hot wax or lukewarm wax which makes hair removal more pleasant, facilitates the extraction of the hair (the heat opens the pores of the skin) and allows a cleaner result. And at home ? “Cold wax strips can be a solution, informs Manon Fuentes, Body Minute trainer. They must be well heated in the hands to make them soft and melting to wrap all the hairs and remove them effectively. For removal, the skin must be held in place (to reduce the pain felt and avoid calls for blood) and pull the strip parallel to the skin, in the opposite direction of hair growth”.

How to prepare your homemade wax for armpit hair removal?

In addition to being environmentally friendly, making her own homemade wax is a very economical method. At a time when do it yourself is experiencing real success, armpit hair removal does not miss the mark. To do this, you will need: two glasses of powdered sugar (about 500g), ½ glass of water (about 15cl), the juice of half a lemon and two tablespoons of honey. Discover without further delay our video tutorial to make your own homemade wax

Underarm epilation with an electric epilator: practical

This is the technique favored by 15% of women*. Convenient to carry and easy to useI’electric epilator does not pull the skin, unlike wax. Its small tweezers pull out the hair (but not the bulb) ensuring several days (or even weeks) of soft skin. On the pain side? It all depends on its sensitivity… “To reduce the feeling of pain, some of our epilators can be used in the shower thanks to the technology Wet&Dry says Ben Wilson, Braun Science Communications Director. And to add: “You also have to choose the right epilation head. Some epilation heads are rounded and can therefore adapt to the shape of the armpits, which ensures constant contact with the skin and optimizes the result”.

Underarm hair removal with depilatory cream: for the cozy

12% of women use depilatory cream to depilate their armpits*. Painless and quite fast, this technique disintegrates the hair in about ten minutes. “Depilatory cream contains chemical components such as thioglycolic acid which dissolve the hair by attacking the keratin, explains Sophie Thirion, R&D manager at Acorelle. The cream scissors the hair in a rounded way which allows a less prickly regrowth and a little slower than with a razor”. Is it aggressive for the skin? “Not at all, if you respect the precautions for use. The depilatory cream is used on healthy skin without lesions. At Acorelle, our formulas contain in particular Boswellia Serrata extract for redness and sweet almond oil to bring comfort to the skin”, continues our expert. And to add: “The formulas have improved a lot. Even in terms of smell, we are now able to dress the smell of sulfur with very pleasant perfumes”.

Armpit hair removal with laser and pulsed light: the right investment

7% of women have chosenlaser hair removal*. Expensive and slightly painful, this method – which must be performed by a doctor – nevertheless has the advantage of being definitive. “It’s the Rolls of hair removal, considers Dr. Netter, dermatologist in Paris. The laser is a concentrated light source of a single wavelength. This light energy will be transformed into heat at the level of the target, that is to say the brown hair, and will allow hair removal with extreme precision. » Underarm laser hair removal takes 1 to 2 minutes and requires 6 to 8 sessions spaced 2 months apart. You must arrive shaved at the first session and not have been exposed to the sun before. The ideal candidate is one with black hair and fair skin. People who have red hair or blond hair cannot be laser removed. As for dark skin, another laser technology, called ‘YAG’, allows hair removal for black and mixed skin thanks to a specific wavelength.

What is the difference between laser and pulsed light?

“It’s a physical difference,” says our dermatologist. Unlike the laser, thepulsed light hair removal is a polychromatic light, ie the wavelength range is much wider. It is much less precise, and there is a risk of burning. But a good pulsed light, of good quality, can depilate very well too! You just have to make sure that all the conditions are met”.

As for the pain? “We generally feel a feeling of heat and tingling” adds Jérémy Mauvenu, Managing Director of Dépil Tech. But it’s worth gritting your teeth for a few minutes because according to our expert, pulsed light hair removal also has the advantage of eradicating ingrown hairs, small pimples and cysts. The pores of the skin are tightened, the epidermis is smoother and much less dry.

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Armpit hair removal with the Miradry method: the alternative to laser for blond and red hair

Impossible for blond and red hair to be permanently waxed? That was before the MiraDry method arrived in France. “Basically, this American technique was developed to destroy the sweat glands in people suffering from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) in the armpits,” explains Dr. Netter. These sweat glands are attached to the hairs. During the operation (one hour under local anesthesia), microwaves generate heat which leads to the thermolysis (decomposition by heat) of the sweat glands… and permanently destroys the hair at the same time. In the same session, we eliminate 80% of perspiration and 80% of hair, whatever their color.

* Survey conducted by Research Now in February 2018 and commissioned by P&G for Gillette Venus and Braun brands. Survey conducted online in the United States, Russia, Germany, France and Turkey among a group of 2,5550 women aged 18 to 54 who have waxed in the last 12 months.

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