“Anti-contouring”, the new body-positive trend that is setting the Web on fire

Published on August 16, 2022 at 4:18 p.m.

“Anti-contouring”, the new body-positive trend that is setting the Web on fire

“Anti-contouring”, the new body-positive trend that is setting the Web ablaze – ©iMaxtree

Going back to basics and using make-up only to enhance yourself and not camouflage yourself: this is what the “anti-contour” movement proposes.

In recent years, and especially since social networks have taken an important place in our lives, makeup has undergone a great evolution. Thanks to him and associated techniques, it is possible to create subterfuges and give the illusion of a new face. A face shape that doesn’t fit? A shot of outline later, it’s done. Lips not plump enough? The technique ofoverlining comes to the rescue. Want a more lifted look? the siren eyes will meet this requirement.
But by wanting to do too much, makeup has lost its primary essence: that of sublimating rather than concealing. That’s why makeup artist Bobbi Brown decided to start a new movement: that of “anti-contouring”.

@justbobbibrown Use makeup to bring out your beauty, not change or cover up. Let’s bring out that inner beauty. #beautyrevolution #beauty101 #beautyschool #jonesroadbeauty #beautytok ♬ original sound – Bobbi Brown

“Anti-contour”: kézako?

By creating this new movement, Bobbi Brown wants to restore its letters of nobility to make-up by making it a means of sublimating oneself and no longer of camouflage. In a video posted to her TikTok account, the make-up artist explains that there is “a lot of negative content on social media about covering up your flaws, accentuating features and always looking perfect no matter what. be the price”. A philosophy of life that is not his. “If you want to know how to work around or lessen a trait that you consider a flaw, just go to YouTube and you’ll find ways to hide it. But that’s not how I teach people to wear makeup,” she continues. Indeed, through her cosmetics brand Jones Road, Bobbi Brown wants to make “your skin looks like skin. Just your best skin. I know the women who buy it will be women who want ease, simplicity, to look like better versions of themselves.”

Thus, the makeup guru advises her followers to abandon their 10-step makeup routine and favor the use of a few beauty products to give themselves a little shine, only! This will highlight your natural features and make you feel much better about yourself. She therefore recommends using a multi-purpose balm, to be applied on the cheeks to obtain a subtle glow and add luminosity to the face. According to her, the result will be instantaneous: a more radiant face, without having to spend hours in front of the mirror.

@justbobbibrown You’re perfect how you are. You don’t need makeup to convert up. But when you want a bit of a glow, this is what I use #cleanbeautytok #jonesroadbeauty ♬ original sound – Bobbi Brown

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