All about Oenobiol capsules

Updated on July 07, 2022 at 6:10 p.m.

All about Oenobiol capsules

All about Oenobiol capsules – © Getty

Oenobiol capsules have become the secret of many women in France to bask in the pill in the summer. But besides the solar version, there are other cures for the hair, the skin or the body. We take stock.

Marie Béjot, nutritionist, daughter and granddaughter of doctors, created Oenobiol in 1985. Four years later, she launched the solar capsules Oenobiol in order to meet the needs of its patients who wish to prepare their skin before exposure. It is a success that propels the product to the rank of summer essential.

Oenobiol capsules for tanning

These capsules prepare the skin before exposure and prolong the tan after the summer. These are the best known and those that have made the success of the brand.

How it works ? At the rate of one capsule daily for 1 month before exposure and/or 1 month after, the skin is prepared, the tan sublimated. If this does not change the mandatory step of the Solar cream (SPF 50 if possible) in order to lessen the dangers of UV rays, certain skins which tend to blush survive the first suns better.

Oenobiol capsules with self-tanner

Riding on the success of its sunscreen range, Oenobiol has released self-tanning capsules for sunless tanning.

How it works ? For 2 months, the skin is colored and this, without trace or the smell of the classic self-tanner, which puts off some people. The result ? A more natural tan, less orange, but lighter (it’s actually more of a healthy glow effect than a real tan).

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Oenobiol capsules for hair

There are Oenobiol capsules to strengthen the hair fiber and others to make them grow.

How it works ? The “Oenobiol Sublimateur” are made up of B vitamins and also strengthen the nails. As a 3-month cure (to be done at each change of season), they give a boost to dull and damaged hair. The “Oenobiol Santé & Croissance” are to be taken over 3 months to stimulate the hair growth and fight against their fall.

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Oenobiol capsules for the skin

Specially designed to reduce the signs of aging, the “Oenobiol anti-ageing” range helps the skin to fight the loss of elasticity.

How it works ? This three-month cure fights against slackening and relaxing skin thanks to its composition rich in vitamin E with antioxidant power.

Oenobiol slimming capsules

Anti-bloating flat stomach capsules, anti-bloating capsules Orange peelremodeling slimming capsules to slim down… Oenobiol slimming capsules respond to various problems affecting the body, digestion, cellulite and weight loss.

How it works ? Treatments to be taken as needed, for several months and in addition to a good diet and regular physical activity.

NB: These capsules are made for adults. Before taking any dietary supplement, medical advice is recommended.

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