Aesthetic treatments that can be done (or not) before the beach

Green light during the summer

Yes to injections

Whether it’s the botulinum toxin injections – to freeze the forehead area or smooth out wrinkles around the eyes – orhyaluronic acid – for filling in wrinkles – there are no real contraindications to exposing yourself to the sun, or to travelling. However, sunscreen remains essential (as always), especially if the needle prick has left a small redness or temporary bruises, which may turn into spots.

Make way for the radiance by radio frequency

A few sessions of facial rejuvenation with radiofrequency will give radiance, tighten the features and even hydrate the skin, which will need it under the sun. No contraindication for this technique, the aim of which is to relaunch the production of collagen. 8 to 10 sessions are necessary, spaced a week apart on average.

Yes to Coolsculpting

If you have decided to tackle the small bulges protruding from the jersey or the saddlebags, the coolsculpting is a good technique, which will require one to three sessions, to be done without worry in the heart of summer. On the other hand, no immediate miracle, the results are visible within three months following the treatment. Same thing for the Emsculpt Neo, this new medical technique which re-muscles the buttocks and abdominals with a small fat reduction in addition (four sessions spaced a week apart at the start).

We are waiting for the fall

Stop peeling

Very popular to give a boost of radiance and to erase skin imperfections, peels involve desquamation of the epidermis, which makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. With the rays, there are risks of the appearance of pigment spots. If you absolutely insist on it, you can treat yourself to a peeling lunch, i.e. a light boost to theglycolic acidprovided you allow a week to recover with a sunscreen, while staying absolutely in the shade!

Permanent hair removal: we postpone!

L’permanent hair removal (laser or pulsed light) requires 6 to 10 sessions, which obviously risk falling in the middle of August. Overall, doctors prefer to resume at the start of the school year, as long as the one-month period between the two appointments is respected – at the risk of sunburn, even with a Solar cream with high protection.

Treatment of pigment spots: avoid from March to October

As soon as the skin is traumatized, the spots can darken even more. To counter this skin reaction, you have to cover yourself continuously with an SPF 50 and stay in the shade… in short, anything but enjoy the good weather. Not to mention that if the spots come back, you will have done the treatment for nothing.

Cosmetic surgery: OK for the beach… but in the shade!

Liposuction: mandatory panties!

After liposuction of the thighs, saddlebags or abdominoplasty, the big downside remains the lipo-panty as a bikini, a tight and encompassing sheath intended to relieve the pain of bruises and to avoid the effect of waves, to wear night and day for at least a month and a half! For a dive, you will have to wait 8 to 10 days, and no more than 20 minutes! To cool off and still enjoy the good weather, take a shower with panties and dry in the sun! To avoid any risk of phlebitis, the doctor must prescribe anticoagulants for 10 days, which allows you to fly two or three days after the operation.

Breast prostheses: with bra!

We forget the plunging necklines: compression bra of rigor for two good months, and 24 hours a day! We wait at least 72 hours before flying (subject to the green light from the doctor) and, in this case, we wear grade 2 compression stockings. We can take a complete shower after four days, and bathe quickly after ten. No soft activity in the water before three good weeks and no sport where you jump or with snowshoes… Not to mention not carrying anything heavy for many weeks.

Lifting and blepharoplasty: under high sun protection!

OK for recovery by the pool, but this type of operation does not support any exposure to the sun. Full screen, sunglasses and hat are mandatory, at least 15 days after the operation. No swimming pool, no sea… The bruises should disappear after 10 days maximum. For scars, we wait several weeks before leaving them in the open air.

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