Acne: this targeted treatment is a hit on the networks

Published on October 31, 2022 at 11:04 am

Acne: this targeted treatment is a hit on the networks

Acne: this targeted treatment is a hit on the networks – ©PeopleImages/iStock

To fight against acne pimples and other imperfections, this treatment signed Murad is unanimous on the networks.

Teenagers aren’t the only ones suffering fromacne. In adulthood, many women also find themselves confronted with this skin problem. Stress, pollution and hormonal imbalances are all factors that can cause these persistent imperfections. While medication can be prescribed for people with severe acne, some beauty products also help to significantly reduce skin inflammation and pimples. This is the case of care Deep-Relief by Murad which TikTok says works like a charm. Formulated specifically to treat deep rashes, this product racks up good deeds and millions of views.

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How it works ?

To effectively treat acne, “deep relief” is packed with anti-acne ingredients, including 2%salicylic acid, an amino acid technology, a phytosteroid and an invisible film-forming polymer. As a chemical exfoliator, the salicylic acid targets inflammation and reduces excess oil while the amino acids fight acne-causing bacteria and the phytosteroid calms pain and reduces redness. Finally, the polymer acts as a fixative so that the localized treatment is as effective as possible. To use, first wash your face thoroughly. Then, use your fingers or a cotton ball to apply the formula directly to your pimples. After letting it dry, then apply a moisturizer. You can apply this product twice a day but don’t forget to apply sunscreen on top of the treatment if you use it during the day.

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