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Work clothes

Provide your staff with professional work clothes to protect them from dirt, health, safety or thermal risks such as work uniform, work pants, jacket, yellow vest, tunic, overalls as well as accessories necessary for the proper functioning of their tasks (mask, gloves, safety shoes). French work clothes.

medical work clothes

Choose the outfit that best suits your hospital specialty

work clothes
long light medical white coat
work clothes
Nurse tunic
work clothes
medical pants tunic set

You need to work clothes

You need to work clothes for all sectors of activity subject to regulations concerning the wearing of work clothes: industry, health, restaurant, hotel, hospital, medical, store, school, college, educational environment, office, laboratory, construction site, a function of the building.…

office work clothes

Choose from our range of clothes to get to the office every day.

work clothes
Be comfortable in our skinny pants
work clothes
work clothes
White dress with black dots to shine
work clothes
leggings go up the buttocks

Catering – Hotel industry

When starting out in a hospitality job, dress appropriately from day one. This will impress your manager as well as the customers you serve. Be professional. Follow the rules given to you regarding what clothes to wear. French work clothes.

However, if your manager gives you little advice on what to wear, wear business attire.

work clothes
blue kitchen cap
work clothes
cut resistant gloves
work clothes
restaurant chef jacket
work clothes
wine red kitchen apron

Safety shoe

“Franck de Lesdema” takes care of the protection needs of the feet and prevents accidents at work. Your company is relieved of all efforts, so you save time and in addition, you benefit from low prices which brings you in the long term and throughout our collaboration, an attractive price-quality ratio.

In order for you to choose the best suitable and functional pair of safety shoes for your employees, you will find on our blog some tips to help you:  CLIQUEZ ICI 

Depuis plusieurs années, le secteur du vêtement de travail a évolué : de simple uniforme, le vêtement professionnel est devenu un produit polyvalent, décliné en vêtement d’image et assurant la sécurité et le confort du personnel équipé. De plus, les employés attendent aujourd’hui une harmonisation de la sécurité et du style dans leurs vêtements et équipements de protection individuelle. .

Pour éviter vos longs processus d’acquisition de votre tenue de staff. Des étapes qui peuvent devenir coûteuses et occuper de nombreux employés dans cette tâche. Faites confiance à la maison Franck de Lesdema, qui réduirait le temps et les dépenses nécessaires pour équiper vos salariés et accepterait l’ultra-service.

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work clothes
work clothes
work clothes
work clothes
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