60 quick and easy hairstyle ideas for tough mornings

Loose, chignoné, plaited, tied hair… but above all very liberated. All of these looks are crazy stylish and zero hassle. To us the easy hairstyle.

Easy hairstyle for short hair:

Short hair, don’t care. But that’s no reason not to try to tame them in the morning in front of your mirror. In 5 minutes top time, it is possible to create a simple hairstyle worthy of the name. If our length allows it, we create a hair bun rather fuzzy and disheveled. We start by ruffling the hair upside down before tying it in a bun using flat clips. The trick? Let a few strands escape here and there for an effortless effect. For really short cuts, we accessorize! Highlight a few locks with hair jewellery, give some pep to our boyish haircut with a pretty headband… To each their own style!

Easy hairstyle for medium length hair:

Not short enough, not long enough… medium length hair are sometimes difficult to style. To give style to our cut, we adopt the half-bun trend. On curly or straight hair, this half bun allows you to tie part of your hair. Ideal for mornings when we don’t know what to do with our mane. Lacking inspiration? We opt for the twisted ponytail. This revisited hairstyle helps to clear our face and save us from Bad Hair Day!

Easy hairstyle for long hair:

With long hair, we let our imagination speak. For fans of braids, there will be an embarrassment of choice… Braided half-tail, glued braids or wheat ear braids… It all depends on the time you have. If you want a romantic hairstyle, you adopt the twisted crown. You can also try multiple easy buns to make.

An easy and original hairstyle: the braid

With all the beauty tutorials found on the Net, it is possible to find a simple hairstyle whatever its length. The good idea to make a splash on a short haircut, a square or long hair? The braid.

Quick hairstyle: current trends

Contrary to popular belief, a quick hairstyle does not ignore trends. In our view? Vintage hairstyles adopted by many trendy girls like Bella Hadid. Among them are the timeless baby braidsthe plated chignon or the nineties accessories like the crab or butterfly clip.

Quickly discover 60 easy and quick hairstyle ideas to sting now!

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