6 things to know about dental aligners

Published on July 26, 2022 at 2:31 p.m.

6 things to know about dental aligners

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This is the technique that brings a smile back to everyone who was angry with their teeth. Dental aligners have been all the rage for a few years with a public who dream of well-aligned teeth but did not have the heart to put on braces. More discreet, effective quickly, less invasive, they have won over an adult audience. Here are the answers to the questions you ask yourself before you start.

Why put on a dental tray?

This is a technique that aims to realign your teeth. She will move the visible front teeth, thanks to dental trays to be changed regularly (on average every two weeks).

How it works ?

At DR SMILE, patients first meet a dentist, in order to draw up an inventory of the teeth. These must be healthy before starting treatment. Then there is a 3D scan that measures your teeth, so you can create custom aligners. You will see a simulation of the evolution of your teeth until the final result. And smile, it’s time to take the first picture for the before / after! You will receive, a few weeks later, your aligners for the months to come. And for follow-up throughout the treatment, a mobile application accompanies you, where you can ask your questions to the professionals. Count 4 to 9 months for perfect teeth !

When should you put on dental aligners?

Be rigorous! The treatment will not be as effective if you do not follow the recommendations. The trays must be worn 22 hours a day, day and night. You will have to remove them during meals only, and you brushing teeth before putting them back. You should also clean your gutters with water several times a day.

Does it hurt ?

No. The aligners are non-invasive and do not cause pain. You just have to get used to it the first few days. If, however, you feel pain, contact your dentist immediately.

Are dental splints reimbursed?

Orthodontic treatments are only covered by Social Security up to the age of 16. But get closer to your health insurance, which can cover part of the treatment. At DR SMILE, the cost varies according to the complexity and duration of the treatment, and can range from 1500 to 2690 euros.

What are the contraindications?

All adults can wear trays, but the treatment is not recommended during pregnancy or during certain medical treatments. Aligners also cannot be worn if you have cavities, tartar or dental disease.

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