6 (really) easy gestures to adopt in the bathroom to preserve the planet

Published on November 18, 2022 at 4:15 p.m.

6 (really) easy gestures to adopt in the bathroom to preserve the planet

6 (really) easy gestures to adopt in the bathroom to preserve the planet – © knape /iStock

Because you can do a lot with next to nothing, here are 6 eco-responsible gestures that you should adopt urgently in your bathroom.

The environmental impact of the beauty market is a hot topic. Sometimes too moralizing, speeches to raise awareness still struggle to convince. Indeed, according to an unprecedented survey conducted by the Federation of Beauty Companies (FEBEA), in partnership with OpinionWay, 3 out of 10 French people still consider eco-gestures in the bathroom as a constraint. To prove them wrong, the FEBEA and the government are teaming up and unveiling an intelligent awareness campaign made up of various simple actions to put in place to protect and preserve the planet without the fuss.

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Tip n°1 = Use an economical shower head

Why ? Because it protects the skin from limescale while halving water consumption

Tip n°2 = We bet on non-rinsed, multi-use products and eco-refills (or bulk products)

Why ? Because we reduce our hot water consumption and our savings while generating less waste.

Tip n°3 = Turn off the tap water to brush your teeth, shave or wash your face

Why ? Because we preserve water resources and reduce our bill.

Tip n° 4 = We lower the temperature of the water in the shower (and we stay there for less time)

Why ? To save time, preserve the planet’s water resources, save energy while protecting your skin.

Tip n° 5 = Unplug the heating devices

Why ? To avoid domestic accidents while reducing electricity consumption.

Tip n°6 = We cut the empty tubes to recover the product left at the bottom

Why ? To save money and avoid waste.

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