5 situations for which a company may need a private investigator

Do you have a problem and need help? Are there any irregularities in your business? You are not sure of yourself and you want to be certain about a fact ? In everyday business, special situations sometimes arise and require special measures. Sometimes you need evidence and private investigators have the knowledge and experience to solve your case discreetly and efficiently. Whether it’s to investigate or monitor, they offer you professional help and solutions at affordable prices.

Workplace theft

It may happen that employees steal office equipment for private use. It can be the theft of tools, cell phones or laptops, for example. These flights are usually committed by employees and not, as is often assumed, by outside guests.

In addition, according to the National Observatory of Delinquency, in the business world, there are approximately 160 thefts and losses of equipment per day (58,400/year)!

These are not trivial offenses and are considered theft. And as a rule, other employees do not report the perpetrator because it will have a negative impact on the working atmosphere. It is therefore very difficult to condemn employees for theft in their workplace. Concrete evidence is often lacking. A private detective unmasks thefts committed by employees, for example by setting up traps with objects left falsely unattended to lure the thief.

Is your employee often sick or absent? Is his absenteeism feigned?

Does your employee regularly fall ill? Or is the employee absent with a certain regularity? You have doubts about these recurring incapacities for work.

It can always happen that an employee falls ill. It’s boring for everyone involved. Unfortunately, it also happens that employees call in sick to have a longer weekend or a Friday off. In some cases, employees even engage in another gainful activity. In particular, the cases of work stoppage of employees after the termination of an employment contract can be numerous. If you suspect that a work stoppage is abusive, an experienced private investigator can help you through discreet observation of the employees involved.

Your company suffers a fraud because of false incapacities for work, it is time to call on a private detective agency. Additionally, the insurance sickness per diems also leads to additional costs that are not only unnecessary, but also costly for your business.

Expense Fraud

You suspect an employee of cheating your company, for example by increasing his mileage and business expenses. An employee could use their business vehicle for personal trips and report them as business travel.

In addition, employees who work in the field are very difficult to control because they work independently, out of the office and with little control. Experienced detectives can use stealth observation to show you exactly when and where your employee was, how long his breaks lasted, and how many miles he traveled. Based on the detective’s report, you can identify any expense or mileage fraud.

Search for new address

Typically, an address search involves identifying the address of a wanted, missing, or hidden person. The detective intervenes in very different situations but most of the companies which appeal to a private detective agency wish find people they have not managed to find themselves with their own means of research. The address search can be useful for companies looking for debtors who, for example, have contracted payments in installments for large expenses and then disappear after the first payment or even tenants who have not paid their rent for months and leave their landlord with great damage in the accommodation after their disappearance. To find an address, the private detective agency uses its own databases, its network or inquires within the former environment of the person sought.

Control of employees who do not respect their obligations during telework

Working from home is a matter of trust and most employees are very committed. However, there are also employees who prefer to do their personal business rather than work. Anyone who does not properly observe the working hours agreed for teleworking is committing fraud.

Companies can have their employees who work from home observed by a private investigator whenever there are clear signs that the employee is not complying with their telework obligation.

Basically, as an employer, you trust your employees, but sometimes a detective check is unavoidable when there are warning signs. For example, if the employee is not often reachable by phone at home or if there is a significant drop in productivity.

Thus, it makes sense for an employer to hire a private investigation agency to confirm that one of their employees prefers go shopping or go to the gym during his working hours.

The final word

In the workplace, delicate situations arise that can have serious repercussions for the company. In these cases, calling on a private detective agency can be an excellent alternative to solving your various problems. Have a support and advice from knowledgeable professionals will help you deal with any type of situation in the company.

In addition, be aware that in France the investigations and observations of employees or individuals are not illegal and do not constitute an invasion of privacy. A private investigator will document the behavior of targeted individuals over a period of time and may also testify in court.

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