5 good beauty resolutions for the start of the school year

Updated on August 24, 2022 at 3:10 p.m.

5 good beauty resolutions for the start of the school year

5 good beauty resolutions for the start of the school year – © Luna Joulia

What if we decided that, for the start of the school year, we were starting our good beauty resolutions? A good makeup remover, a night cream or frequent brush washing, zoom on 5 resolutions to adopt to be on top without too much effort.

We remove makeup properly

Feel like reading this advice for the thousandth time? Ask yourself why. If dermatologists, beauticians or your mom insist that you don’t take this step lightly, it’s for a simple reason: poorly cleansed skin is quickly altered. Dryness, blemishes, dull complexion and clogged pores… so many harmful factors for the quality and appearance of the skin. So whatever the make-up removal technique (with oil, milk or micellar water), you don’t give up until the skin is completely free of all traces of make-up. Yes, even when returning home late and/or in a questionable state of sobriety.

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You don’t touch your pimples anymore

We have all been plagued by an irrepressible urge to kill an ugly whitehead before a date, in the morning when we wake up or in the office toilet. BAD IDEA. Whether white or not, it is imperative not to touch a pimple. While it’s never nice to have to go through a day feeling like that’s all that everyone sees, it’s silly to think that our fingers (often full of germs) are going to make it go away. Not only is crushing it the best way to make it show even more, but it can lead to a scar that won’t go away for several months (and a few peels). Only one (good) solution: redouble your patience and stick with your purifying roll-on to quickly dry up unwelcome imperfections and display a clear skin.

We change pillows more frequently

If you have heard of the fact that it is advisable to change your pillowcase regularly, some specialists even claim that this would not be enough and that you should change or wash your pillow at 60° at least once every three month. “The pillow is an ideal growing medium. It brings to drink through our perspiration, our tears and the projections of coughs and sneezes. It provides food since we lose skin flakes every night. And, in addition, the menagerie can proliferate at ease, thanks to the heat of our bodies, night after night. Any germ therefore finds favorable conditions for its development there,” says Doctor Frédéric Saldmann in his book “Let’s wash our hands of it” (Flammarion 2007). We can’t hold back a grimace of disgust when we count on our little fingers (which will soon not be enough) how many years our pillow hasn’t been changed…

We put on a night cream

Yes ladies, it’s not a placebo product invented by cosmetics brands to ruin you or a gesture reserved for fifty-somethings. Whether you are 20 or 50 years old, the night cream must play a significant role in your beauty routine. During the night, the skin is clean (remember the first paragraph) and at rest. Available, she can then drink the active ingredients contained in your night cream and assimilate its benefits as much as possible. Oily, dry or sensitive, the skin has a constant need for hydration and the night is the best time to compensate for any lack. So get into the habit of using a cream suitable for your skin type every night and you will see a marked improvement. Promised.

We wash our makeup brushes

Not easy to find the time to clean your brushes after each use? However, it will be necessary. You can buy the latest luxury pony hair kit, if you skip the washing step, your brushes will quickly become your worst beauty enemies. And this also applies to beauty blenders ! Real nests of bacteria, they will then be responsible for small imperfections that you will try as best you can to camouflage with these same brushes (still not washed) and suddenly they will deposit again….pfiouuuuuu. You will have understood: we are facing a vicious circle. So (even if it’s difficult), set your alarm clock 3 minutes earlier in the morning and clean each brush well after use. For the lazy, there are even leave-in sprays to clean your makeup tools.

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