4 tips to take care of your skin during the heat wave

Published on July 21, 2022 at 4:25 p.m.

4 tips to take care of your skin during the heat wave

4 tips to take care of your skin during the heat wave – ©iMaxtree

When the mercury rises, taking care of ourselves and our bodies becomes more than essential. This attention also goes through the protection of our skin.

In addition to being a reflection of our lifestyle, our skin is our first protective barrier. In summer, she has to face many obstacles: pollution more important, harmful rays of the sun, unbearable heat waves, air conditioning in abundance… It must therefore be particularly cherished to stay as fit as possible. For this, a skincare routine imposes itself. But when the temperatures are around 40 degrees, it is important to rework it to keep it efficient. Make-up artist and skincare expert Teresa Tarmey, facialist to many celebrities like Sienna Miller or Julianne Moore, revealed to the British magazine “Glamour” all her secrets for taking care of her skin in the heat wave.

Teresa Tarmey’s tips for taking care of her skin

First tip: double cleaning
It’s obvious, but it’s always good to remember: to keep your skin beautiful, it’s important to clean it. The expert explains that it is necessary to “seek to avoid congestion, because anything sticky on the surface of the skin promotes rashes” before specifying that in the middle of a heat wave, we “avoid heavy oils or cleansing balms. Instead, we use a special facial cleanser.” In addition, “a double cleaning, in the evening, is also very important,” she explains. The first cleanse just moves dirt, sweat, SPF and makeup from the day onto the face and removes the first layer of dirt. But it is not until the second cleansing that you properly cleanse the skin. “.

Second tip: incorporate lactic acid into your routine
Teresa Tarmey explains that retinol should be excluded from our beauty routines in summer since, facing the sun, it can cause our skin to be more sensitive. It can be replaced by lactic acid, “a gentle exfoliant that won’t break the skin barrier”.

Third tip: always wear an SPF treatment
Again, we don’t tell you anything. The SPF care are not just for the beach, but for everyday wear. Indeed, it’s not just during our holidays at the sea that the sun’s rays and their nasty UV rays wander over our bodies. It is therefore “essential to protect your skin with an SPF treatment in the event of a heat wave”, recalls the expert.

Fourth tip: be light-handed
“During a heat wave, you don’t want to layer heavy products,” says the expert. And it is very true! Applying many products on top of each other is not necessarily the most comfortable technique, and even less so when it is very hot. Teresa Tarmey therefore recommends having a light hand on her products, without neglecting them. She therefore advises opting instead for all-in-one products. She recommends using “a moisturizing serum containing hyaluronic acid and then applying an SPF treatment on top of it.” And nothing more!

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