4 Good reasons to opt for a Flex office

With the advent of telecommuting, many employees prefer to work from home. This means that several offices remain unoccupied within companies which still have to pay a huge rent at the end of each month. This is how mobile offices came into being. The concept is simple. It’s about reducing the number of desks and creating workspaces that all employees can use as they please. The benefits of this practice are plethora.

Lower structural costs

With the advent of telecommuting, employees increasingly prefer to work from home. Offices remain increasingly vacant, as many are abandoning them, taking vacations, leave, etc. 50% of the offices therefore remain unoccupied most of the time. All of this constitutes a shortfall for the company, which continues to pay the same amount in lieu of rent. The Flex office therefore compensates for this state of affairs.

With the Flex office, the concept of one office per employee no longer exists. From now on, the structure is organized into optimized workspaces and made available to all employees. The employee comes to work and chooses the office he likes according to his mood and preferences. In the reorganization of an office in Flex office, there are offices, relaxation rooms and call rooms made available to everyone.

With this practice, the costs related to real estate have decreased considerably. The practice has proven itself and moreover, a study carried out by BNP Paribas Real State in 2020 reveals that more than 60% of French companies have reviewed their lease contract by focusing on reducing the work surface. This makes it possible to rent offices without a lease, to pay lower rent and to lower energy consumption. In addition, working materials will henceforth be provided in less quantity because there is no longer any individual space. Besides, to know morewe invite you to visit this site.

Reduce employee stress

Also called flexispace, Flex offices allow employees to choose their workstation according to their current needs and sometimes even according to their mood. They have the opportunity to work alone in the office. This practice allows them to fight against the routine since it is harmful to well-being. Thanks to the possibilities offered by the mobile office, employees are more fulfilled at work.

Increased employee interactions and productivity

Sharing spaces and open offices will lead employees to meet very often within the premises of the structure. In this way, they will get to know each other better and exchange ideas. Having now the possibility of discussing in the break rooms, in the cafeteria, in the very middle of the workspace, you offer your employees the possibility of exchanging on innovative ideas, creating fruitful collaborations and s to help with certain tasks. All this will boost employee productivity, which inevitably impacts the company’s turnover. Also, you can visit this link if you want to know more about the Flex office concept.

More convenience for employees

Mobile offices allow employees to feel more autonomous because of the great flexibility offered by them. Employees can change places, desks to perform a given task before returning to their place. A real sense of freedom that provides the whole team with great satisfaction at the end of each day. In addition, Flex offices are often accompanied by office parking lots. Thus, there is possibility for all employees to park their vehicle. To avoid misunderstandings between employees, you just need to install a parking management system. With good management, employees will no longer need to worry about the remaining number of parking spaces when they arrive at work.

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