3 tips to boost the effectiveness of your serum

Published on August 24, 2022 at 4:54 p.m.

3 tips to boost the effectiveness of your serum

3 tips to boost the effectiveness of your serum Р© Prostock-Studio / iStock

We know it: the serum is essential in our skincare routine. To optimize its efficiency as much as possible, here is an overview of the best tips and advice.

A daily ritual

Like any skin care, the serum must be applied with rigor. A daily ritual that knows a few rules. Rich in active ingredients, this essential product should be used sparingly. Experts advise 1 to 2 drops maximum on the entire face. A trick that applies to both hydrating serums as for anti-wrinkle or anti-blemish serums.

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The secrets of the stars

Ideally, the serum is used on perfectly cleansed skin and after a lotion. The trick of the stars? For the product to penetrate better and faster, it is advisable to apply it to slightly damp skin. A technique adopted by many celebrities like Hailey Bieber. The latter, founder of the Rhode skincare brand, said she never completely dry her face before applying her serum. It is also possible to spray a thermal water spray or a hydrating mist before.

Know the right timing

It will be understood, the serum is applied to cleansed, damp skin and after a lotion. This cocooning moment is also an opportunity to make facial gymnastics by carrying out large smoothing movements in order to distribute the product well but also to fight against the aging of the skin. And finally, to complete the routine, it is essential to apply a moisturizer. Without it, the active ingredients included in the serum will evaporate more easily. Never to be forgotten, therefore.

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