3 signs that prove your skin is aging

Published on October 24, 2022 at 12:28 p.m.

3 signs that prove your skin is aging

3 signs that prove your skin is aging Р© Prostock-Studio / iStock

While skin aging is inevitable, there are a few warning signs that help recognize the effects of passing time. Overview.

The aging of the skin is undoubtedly one of the beauty subjects that is the most talked about. How to avoid wrinkles? At what age to use an anti-wrinkle cream ? What is the best care to fight against fine lines? Which asset to choose? Questions that divide the experts. While some recommend starting anti-aging treatments relatively early, others recommend waiting as long as possible. Results ? We get lost! However, there are warning signs which make it possible to recognize the effects of time (even invisible to the naked eye), and therefore to delay skin ageing.

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Your skin changes… You notice that your skin is increasingly dry, despite your hydration-rich routine. In addition, the feeling of tightness is now part of your daily life. Indeed, skin aging sometimes causes a change in skin type. Over time, the rate of collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are found naturally in our body, weakens. A phenomenon that causes the skin to dry out. Our advice? Change your skincare routine by opting for tailor-made anti-aging treatments.

Your face shape changes… You no longer recognize the oval of your face. Same observation with your cheekbones or your eyelids. In the dock? The elasticity of the skin which weakens with the passage of time. Loss of volume and tone are common symptoms of skin aging. To fight against this phenomenon, opt for treatments enriched with vitamin C or hyaluronic acid. Another tip? We start (and stick to) facial yoga.

You have a gray complexion… The glow of your face is no longer as before. Duller, less luminous… Your complexion appears grey. It’s normal: aging skin is skin that risks losing its radiance. Whose fault is it ? Pollution, genetics or exposure to the sun without protection. What are we doing ? We rely on treatments that fight against external aggressions.

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