3 signs that prove you need to change your skincare routine

Published on October 31, 2022 at 9:37 am

  3 signs that prove you need to change your skincare routine

3 signs that prove you need to change your skincare routine – © LittleBee80 / iStock

Does your skincare routine really suit you? Response elements.

Since the covid-19 crisis, the skincare market has been booming. We no longer count the number of brands – especially those of stars – to embark on this now lucrative business. In addition to the economic side of the business, skincare fascinates beauty enthusiasts. Proof is in the phenomenon of “skinfluencers”, these skin experts who reveal their best advice and tips on social networks. Results ? We pay more and more attention to his skin. Day and night routines become more complex. Lotion, serum, booster, day cream, sunscreen… But how do we know if our favorite products are really made for us?

3 major signs that prove that your skincare routine is not working for you

Your skin feels tight… Tight or itchy skin is skin that lacks moisture. To combat this phenomenon, we opt for a moisturizer. Already have one? Change it. The latter may not be effective enough for your problem. Also remember to accompany it with a booster and/or a serum to maximize its action.

Your skin peels slightly… You have followed the instructions of your favorite skinfluencer to the letter on the anti-acne care. And yet, as soon as you apply these new products, your skin peels slightly. When you spread your cream, you feel pieces of dead skin sliding under your fingers. The problem ? You are mixing incompatible assets. While most cosmetic active ingredients are compatible with each other, there are certain exceptions to the rule.

You have unusual pimples… Spots, dull complexion or pimples are the symptoms of an unsuitable skincare routine. If for some time, you notice unusual pimples settling on your face for an indefinite period, it seems that one of your care is responsible. To tell you, your skin is sending you a message: a pimple. Nice.

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