3 signs that prove that you brush your hair too much

Published on November 21, 2022 at 4:15 p.m.

3 signs that prove that you brush your hair too much

3 signs that prove that you brush your hair too much – © istock / katleho Seisa

If brushing your hair is an essential gesture, it should not be abused.

According to old popular beliefs, our hair deserves 100 daily brush strokes to be in perfect health. Really ? Not quite. According to the experts, it is above all a question of balance (and type of hair). If we recommend brushing in the morning (to remove knots) and in the evening (to remove dust and residue accumulated throughout the day), it is especially advisable not to attack your scalp.

How to know if you abuse the hairbrush?

Your hair is regularly oily… Despite a special routine greasy hair, your roots struggle to stay flawless. In the dock? Your hairbrush. It’s a fact: brushing stimulates the scalp, and therefore the production of sebum. If it is too frequent (and energetic), the hair will be more and more greasy.

Your hair is brittle…. When you brush your hair too often, and especially too abruptly, the hair – from root to tip – is attacked, and therefore weakened. Results ? The hair breaks, and gives the impression of no longer growing. Our advice? Choose your hairbrush wisely. We bet on boar bristles which have the particularity of respecting the nature of the hair (and bringing shine). Another alternative: a brush made of nylon bristles, combined with thick hair.

Your hair is electric… When brushing is too frequent, hair that is overstimulated and attacked becomes electric. A phenomenon accentuated when using a poor quality hair brush.

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