3 good reasons to switch to gradual self-tanning

The progressive self-tanner is the star of our summer vanity. Before the exhibition to have looking good or after to extend the holidays, here are three good reasons to adopt this new beauty gesture.

It’s more natural

If we have a negative image of the classic self-tanner, it’s time to put away your prejudices. Because these new treatments gradually activate melanin and thus slowly but surely develop a caramel and even complexion. Little risk of going the wrong way or surprising our perplexed colleagues because we have “tanned” overnight.

It’s modular

With the progressive self-tanner, we choose a tailor-made tan. The color of the skin changing on a daily basis, we are free to insist more on one area than on another or to catch up on misses to better brown it. On this point…

It’s less risky

Unlike the snapshot, it is much more difficult to make traces of self-tanner and much easier to catch them. This is one of the advantages of the product. Its downside? It requires a bit of patience, of course.

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Our selection of progressive self-tanners to look good

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