3 anti-wrinkle hairstyles for a lifting effect without surgery

Published on December 16, 2022 at 12:15 p.m.

3 anti-wrinkle hairstyles for a lifting effect without surgery

3 anti-wrinkle hairstyles for a lifting effect without surgery – © Boyer David/ABACA

For an evening, certain (tight) hairstyles act as a natural lift. Overview.

To delay the signs of time, each has its own little trick. While some have taken the plunge into aesthetic medicine, others know anti-aging active ingredients in cosmetics by heart. And then there are the others. Those who don’t really care but who wouldn’t say “no” to a painless quick fix. And we may have found it. No injections or lengthy skincare routine here. In our view? Rubber bands, a quality brush, gel or hairspray and above all strength. Because yes, some hairstyles allow a real natural lifting effect. They are called the “Croydon facelift”. Also known as “slum lifts”, these beauty enhancements feature ultra-tight ponytails or chignons that pull the hair back. Result ? The face is lifted. A method used by many celebrities which has some disadvantages such as headaches.

Anti-wrinkle hairstyle number 1: Selena Gomez’s half ponytail

© Backgrid USA / Bestimage

Great follower of the half-tail, Selena Gomez reveals the perfect example of an anti-wrinkle hairstyle. The top of the hair is pulled back and pulls the top of the face with it. The little extra? The ” foxy eyes ” natural.

Anti-wrinkle hairstyle number 2: Bella Hadid’s bun


It is undoubtedly at the origin of hairstyles with a lifting effect. Bella Hadid uses and abuses it to such an extent that she regularly has to deny rumors about her supposed surgeries. With this “ twist knot bun », a twisted high bun with an ultra-sleek effect, the result is undeniable.

Anti-wrinkle hairstyle number 3: Isabelle Huppert’s ponytail

© Boyer David/ABACA

Last May, on the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival, Isabelle Huppert unveiled a sublime high ponytail that perfectly incorporates the codes of an anti-wrinkle hairstyle. The hair pulled back, without any locks sticking out, reveals a clear face and eyebrows pulled back.

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