2nd pillar assets or vested benefits: what are they?

The 2nd pillar of the Swiss pension system complements the 1er pillar to provide sufficient income during retirement. Once you have paid monthly contributions during a period of professional activity, certain conditions allow you to withdraw your assets before retirement. Find out about vested benefits as well as the eligibility conditions for withdrawing assets in this context!

2nd pillar vested benefits

A vested benefits account receives the accrued pension capital. If you are insured by occupational pensions, you have retirement assets with accrued interest. Employees who join a new job are therefore responsible for transferring their retirement assets to their new pension fund.

You can enjoy free online help with Swiss Serenity to recover your 2nd pillar assets. If you leave a pension fund and do not subsequently join another, the pension cover must absolutely be maintained by transferring the pension assets to a vested benefits institution.

If the transfer procedures have not been carried out by the employer, you can benefit from assistance on this site to have access to his 2nd pillar assets. The vested benefits institution that receives the pension assets of the new employer can be an independent firm or a bank of your choice.

After two years, if the pension fund receives no notification of a new destination for transferring the money, the accumulated assets are redirected to the supplementary fund. Nevertheless, the assets remain available even beyond the deadline. It is generally sufficient to file a complaint with the LPP Supplementary Institution Foundation.

When to recover your 2nd pillar assets?

It is quite possible to make an early withdrawal of 2nd pillar assets before retirement. However, it can only be done on 5-year intervals. You can use it if you need funds to buy a principal residence or to cover mortgage costs.

In the event of death, the spouse and orphans are the main beneficiaries of the vested benefits capital. You must therefore think about ensuring the continuity of the occupational pension plan.

In addition, insured Swiss citizens have the right to withdraw all of their retirement assets in the event of a change of employment, resumption of employment after a break or following the loss of a job. . This right also applies in the event of a divorce or a permanent departure from Switzerland.

With a qualified and specialist agency, you can easily recover your 2nd pillar or vested benefits assets. Call on a specialist to make the best possible experience of these operations!

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