15 cute or terrifying Halloween makeup looks for kids

Updated on October 20, 2022 at 10:31 a.m.

15 cute and terrifying Halloween makeup looks for kids Р© Getty

On the program: skeleton, Cruella, zombie or even vampire… And many other Halloween makeup ideas for children. To your brushes!

It’s not just adults who are entitled to their halloween makeup ! Halloween is one of the children’s favorite holidays. The time for them to dress up and go collect sweets with a vampire, pumpkin or skeleton appearance. But what would a good disguise without a successful Halloween makeup! To become the heroine of the youngest, Halloween makeup tutorials for children will be your best allies.

Choose a suitable Halloween makeup for children

Before starting, it is recommended to choose an age-appropriate Halloween makeup for children. For the youngest, prefer simple and quick make-up, avoiding the eye and mouth area. Favor light make-up where the child’s face is colored with a single layer of make-up. Use shadows or grease pencils to draw other elements (scratches, warts on the nose, lightning bolts, etc.) For older children, do not hesitate to use more elaborate accessories such as nose prostheses, fake scars, etc. Guaranteed effect!

Attention, it is imperative to test the products before using them. The trick: test make-up or latex on your hand a few days before. If possible, opt for organic makeup. Once the party is over, you have to take off your halloween makeup !

How to make fake blood for Halloween?

To create fake blood easily, just take honey and food coloring. We choose a red dye and a green (or we mix blue and yellow). For the fake blood to look realistic, a hint of green should be added to the honey/red dye mixture. Be careful to mix well to obtain a uniform color.

Where to find Halloween makeup?

When October rolls around, big box stores offer a wide selection of Halloween makeup. But the closer the fateful date approaches, the more difficult it will be for you to find your happiness. So as not to scare you, Halloween makeup is also available in specialized disguise stores or in perfumeries.

Our pick of the 15 best Halloween makeup looks for kids

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