10 rooms for rent in Brussels to organize an exceptional corporate event

Are you looking for the best places to organize your corporate event?

The city of Brussels presents a competitive, multicultural environment conducive to the growth and development of all businesses. The city is full of quality infrastructure and is a privileged crossroads for the organization of many corporate events.
Find a room for rent in Brussels can be a lot of work. It is not enough to log on to the websites of Brussels Special Venues, ABC Salles or Bird Office and select a room that seems suitable to you. Along with all the planning you need to do, you should also check:
  • How many people can the room accommodate?
  • Does the air conditioning work well?
  • What equipment is provided with the room?
  • Are there any special restrictions to be aware of?
  • Does the venue have parking?
  • What are the booking and cancellation conditions?
  • Is wifi available?

Identifying exactly what attendees need on D-Day and establishing a detailed program are the keys to a successful event.

Ask yourself the right questions and carefully evaluate each stage of the event in order to ensure you the best choice among the different rooms available for corporate events in Brussels.

To save you time in choosing a room to rent in Brussels, we offer below 10 rooms of choice to organize your corporate events in Brussels. You can find these 10 rooms on the Brussels Special Venues website.

1. Albert: the hidden gem of Brussels

Albert is a room for rent in Brussels highlighted for the many differentials it has to organize outdoor corporate events in the center of the city. Also called the hidden gem in the heart of Brussels, this rootfop located on the 5th floor of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek is a warm and copiously decorated space in the original style of the sixties. What also attracts attention in this place is its unique infrastructure, with columns covered with travertine, woodwork and a black mosaic floor. The roof terrace with a view of the city offers an exceptional space to organize an exceptional corporate event.


2. Quartier Papier: a comfortable room for rent in Brussels

Quartier Papier is a former paper mill that has an extremely comfortable and modern structure to host different types of corporate events in Brussels. The place has 5 equipped rooms in natural wood tones, with high-speed internet, adaptable lighting and state-of-the-art equipment.

One of the main advantages is the team of trained technicians to support companies throughout their event. The space, located in the heart of Zaventem, also offers an exclusive gastronomic service, which can be hired depending on the purpose of each event. Another charming asset is that the place has a garden and a terrace for outdoor events.

quarter paper

3. The EGG Brussels: an exceptional venue for corporate events

With a big 5000 m² space and 18 roomsThe EGG offers a structure with high ceilings that can accommodate up to 1,000 people. The location allows companies to set the scene according to the theme chosen for the event. Multiple configurations give you the opportunity to express your creativity for your events. Another highlight is the good location. Indeed, The EGG is located near the Gare du Midi (Thalys, Eurostar) and offers several public transport options near the venue.


4. Square Brussels convention center

The venue can very easily accommodate up to 6,750 people for the most varied events. With refinement in detail, the decoration of the walls exposes frescoes by René Magritte, Paul Delvaux and Louis Van Lindt, giving your event the prestige it deserves.

The 30 rooms available adapt to all formats, such as congresses, meetings, conferences, conventions and seminars. The spaces are totally versatile and can have a sideboard. Qualified professionals accompany the entire organizational process, before, during and after the big day, in one of the best spaces for organizing corporate events in Brussels.

Square Brussels

5. Bluepoint Brussels: a surprising room to rent in Brussels

Bluepoint Brussels is a set of rooms, terrace and garden for corporate events, located near the European district and 15 minutes from Brussels airport. This environment has 20 rooms for rent in Brussels for corporate events and conferences. The largest room can accommodate up to 500 people.

Bluepoint Brussels

6. La Tricoterie: a friendly and warm place

La Tricoterie is considered one of the main references in corporate and social events. The place is distinguished by its architectural identity full of refinement and good taste. The place located in the center of Brussels, offers a warm setting for any corporate event.


7. Museum of natural sciences

For people who want to innovate for the organization of a corporate event, the Museum of natural sciences can be an excellent option. A reference in terms of architecture and design, the space has many rooms of various sizes. The environment is fascinating since this museum is one of the few places where you can gather your collaborators surrounded by real dinosaur skeletons. A superb terrace with garden serves as an outdoor setting for cocktails, meetings or receptions with a gourmet menu. Located in the center of the European district, this exceptional place has many easy accesses in one of the most coveted addresses in the capital of Belgium.

Museum of natural sciences

8. Brussels expo: a very flexible room for rent in Brussels

Brussels expo is one of the largest event spaces in Belgium. Built in the exceptional architectural style of the Art Deco of the 1930s, this picturesque and attractive place welcomes the most diverse communities. With a surface area of ​​116,416 m² for 12 exhibition halls, 2 concert halls, 1 lounge, 2 auditoriums and multiple modular rooms, Brussels expo offers many possibilities for organizing various corporate events. Finally, a significant element is the central position of Brussels expo in the heart of Brussels, facilitating access for participants arriving from other geographical regions.

Brussels Expo

9. The Atomium: the most beautiful panoramic view of Brussels

Signed by the architects André and Jean Polak for the 1958 Universal Exhibition in Brussels, the Atomium is theone of the most popular spaces in Brussels for tourists but also for organizing corporate events. Its location, right in the heart of Brussels, helps make your event even more distinctive. The Atomium for corporate events has 4 rooms, the largest of which can accommodate up to 150 people for meetings, seminars, conferences and any other corporate event.


10. Area 42: a room for rent in Brussels with its Japanese garden

Thinking of venues for rent for corporate events in Brussels, with the possibility of using auditoriums and exhibition halls, Area 42 is therefore one of the best space options for events in Brussels. The modularity of Area 42 is exceptional. This space for corporate events offers a 300-seat auditorium, a large room with 521 with a glass slab ceiling and two double rooms surrounding an interior courtyard and its Japanese garden.

Area 42

The final word

Now that you know of beautiful rooms to rent in Brussels to organize your corporate events, all you have to do is choose the room that suits you! Before choosing an option, it is necessary to carefully assess the final objective of your event and identify the profile of the participants. With detailed planning, it will be much easier for you to choose the ideal room to organize your corporate event in Brussels.

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