10 eyeliner to enhance your eyes

Do you want an elongated, structured or even round look? The perfect solution is eyeliner. This make-up, used since Antiquity, is the perfect way to answer all our eye makeup questions. Depending on its application, it makes it possible to emphasize the curve of our eye, but also to modify the size of the latter, or quite simply its shape thanks to a perfect set of illusions.

Eyeliner: how to choose the right formula?

Like any good self-respecting beauty product, eyeliner comes in different versions, and more generally in liquid, gel, pencil or felt-tip versions. Enough to allow us to find the favorite product.

liquid eyeliner

Often presented in the form of a packaging containing a small jar and a fine brush, liquid eyeliner is ideal when starting out in this sometimes complex art. Its main advantage? Draw a line of nameless finesse.

gel eyeliner

Unlike liquid eyeliner, this gel version is really made for experts. In other words, those who handle the line of liner better than anyone. Indeed, requiring application with a brush (also), stretching it is much less simple. Despite everything, it offers many advantages including good support for the day. But above all an ease of playing on the intensity of the color of our line which offers us a greater possibility of make-up.

pencil eyeliner

What we appreciate the most in pencil eyeliner is its ease of application. Ultra simple to handle, it can also be easily blended and become a nice way to get the smokey eyes that we love. His only flaw? Her outfit maybe.

Felt eyeliner

Much like gel eyeliner, the felt-tip version offers long-lasting wear. Thanks to its mine full of pigments, it is also privileged when one wishes to indulge in graphic make-up. Indeed, unlike the brush, the line of the felt is easier to achieve.

The different ways to wear eyeliner

Once the texture of our eyeliner has been chosen, another question comes to mind when we find ourselves in front of the mirror: how to wear eyeliner ? Well, it all depends on what we want at the time! If you want to use it to lengthen your gaze, a simple thin application to the outer corner of the eye with a long tip that goes up towards the temples is enough. You can also indulge in the hottest trends of the moment such as the siren eyes, foxy eyesor the sleepy eyes.
On the other hand, if you want a slightly rounder and more open look, like cat eyes or even does eyes for example, we draw a line of thick and shorter liner, which we make go up slightly towards the external corner of the eye.
And to satisfy a desire for a structured and graphic eye, then? We are tempted by the double winged eyeliner. In short, the eyeliner is ultra versatile, and can be worn in all possible and unimaginable ways!

Here is our selection of 10 eyeliner to shop to enhance your look:

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